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re: Use of Engineering Facilities


(Note: This is an updated reposting, mainly to direct our newest members to the correct location in the forums for real world PC help.)

This is a general request to all Fleet Members. If you have a real world PC problem, I ask that it be posted in the "Got Problems?" sub-forum of Engineering: . This forum is monitored by myself and others to ensure we all can stay in game.  Support requests found in other forum areas will be moved to this  sub forum, so you are sure to have someone assist you as promptly as possible.
Also, so long as you are comfortable with it and your problem isn't Internet related, you can download and install the Teamviewer remote control software:
Through Teamviewer, one of us can connect, assess the problem, describe the solution and possible risks in implementing them. Then we can do the implementation directly.  It also allows us to train an individual through a corrective process as opposed to trying to describe a process and hope you are doing the correct action. But this is all contingent on your level of comfort with the individuals assisting you and allowing them direct access to your PC. 
"Ours is not to question or wonder why, ours is only to serve!" 
We will not do anything that is not directly approved by the owner of the PC, nor will we question a denial of direct access to a computer, but will continue to assist so long as the individual requests our help. So, if there is a problem, don't hesitate to contact Engineering. We are here to help.

Also, if you have a link to free software that you think would be useful to others in the fleet, or know a solution or workaround to a PC problem, STO software or would like to share a solution to something you came across, please share it in the "Solutions and Software" sub forum of Engineering.

Happy hunting!

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