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re: April 2022 Events and March meeting notes.


Staff Meeting notes for March 25th, 2022 – April Fleet Calendar of events


News: 7th's Armada, The 2nd Terran Empire continues to grow beyond expectations. This is the 7th's Terran fleet and open to anyone who wishes to join.

COMO Shran is leader of this Fleet.


Also Carrier night is Back. Launch alert fighters!


Klingon Month is upon us!! More below.


The 7th ITS KDF Fleet gathers on Mondays for the usual tomfoolery and hijinks, and tribbles everywhere are afraid.


TOS Tuesdays. (April 5th and 19th) Alternating this month with 2nd Terran events. Gear up with your Original Series and other 22nd-23rd Century ships, uniforms and gear and go on a weekly adventure with Admiral Van Wormer.


Terran Tuesdays (April 12th and 26th) Join the 2nd Terran empire for a night of adventure and subjugation! We're fairly sure some star system somewhere will need "liberating”. Gotta get em all....



Carrier Night is Wednesday April 13th. Join the 7 fleet for an action packed evening of Fleet Carrier action. Non-carriers welcome. 7th finest Carrier operation officers will be available to help with suggestions and design input. Come and have Fun!



The Glory of the Klingon Empire mandates 3 weekend events as follows.


Friday April 8th – Klingon FTO's. Join the 7th ITS in it's work to make the Empire stronger than ever.


Friday April 22nd – Klingon Missions including the Barge to the underworld. What could go wrong??



And for the finally to Klingon Month – The Honor and Glory of participation in The 7th ITS Bat'leth tournament!! This is the crowning jewel of all things Klingon. All skill sets welcome. This is perhaps the most fun the 7th Fleet has each year!

Be there April 30th. Open to Armada members as well.



All Fleet events muster at 2230 EST, and will usually get underway by 2300 EST if not sooner.


April 29th is Staff meeting at 9pm East.

Live well and with Honor.


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