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re: Operations Officers Log


Operations Officers Log, Stardate 94023.93436073043


On this day I have recieved disturbing news. Not two weeks after I have taken my new post as the 7th Fleets Chief Operations Officer, there has been an incident with the Klingon Empire. According to sources, seven B'rel-class Warbirds were sighted near Drozana, heading into Federation space. From there, they turned pirate, destroying seventeen freighters, taking their cargo and leaving the crew to drift in escape pods and small shuttles, or even the wrecks of their broken ships. Obviously, this news is mightily disturbing, and as we've had peace with the Klingon Empire for nearly a year now, it leads me to believe that these are just disillusioned individuals looking for a quick and easy profit. But the fact that the Klingon Empire is denying anything happened at all is quite suspect

The Federation Council has tasked the 7th Fleet with more patrols and the like in Klingon affected space. Fleet Admiral Fortin and Admiral Van Wormer have tasked me to draw up the deployment of the fleet for defensive purposes only. 

Keeping this in mind, I shall hopefully be able to come up with a system that; 

A: keeps the peace between the Klingons and the Federation

B: Protect Federation civilians from the marauders

and C: Keep with our primary mission to explore and seek out new life and civilizations.

No mean feat. This is going to be a hairy time, both diplomatically and tactically. Lets hope the 7th still has Lady Luck on our side....


End Log



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