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re: Fleet Captain's Log- DS9


Fleet Captain's Log Stardate: 94627.96


Billiam Moroski, Commanding DS9


A few days ago, I had received new orders to report to Deep Space Nine and take command there. As far as I understand it I am to take command of the station itself and the wing of ships that is also stationed there from the 7th fleet. The trip in the Brown Chicken was pretty much routine. No problems to report there. We took the extra time to do some routine maintenance to some of the ships systems, in specific the weapon and defence systems mainly.


I have arrived earlier than expected. Noone from the task force wing has docked at the station as of yet. This was a good thing since it gave me the time to get myself more familiar with the station and it's population. On the ride over here I took the liberty of reviewing the schematics of the station and the maintenance logs for the last few years as well. 


Took a walk around the Promenade after getting settled in. It still seems to be very active, however I did notice a few things that I did not want to see though. As the maintenance logs had indicated, it has been some time since there was any sort of upgrades to DS9. Several pannels were down in the exchange room, same with the maintenance bay. And the Ready Room has seen better days in my opinion. Several consoles were out of date as well and non functioning on the Promenade as well. Better send my requests up the chain at Starfleet Command.


Other then that I think this will be a great posting, with the war still going on with the Klingons and all. No word yet on when ships and additional personal will be arriving. I hope that those orders come though soon.


With in the next few days, however, I plan on taking the Brown Chicken out for a quick patrol of the surrounding areas to get a feel for the situations that are in the area. But for now, it is tea and reports to read up on.


--End Log Entry--

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