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sean hill
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re: Sci training- the basics


This is for general purpose info on sci tactics and class powers vs factions,ships,classes,and team pvp from my view. If more is wanted I will make more in depth post on my personal builds and tactics.


Role:exotic dps,suport,shield tank

Class powers:(one note this is the base info on the powers as the stats change as you get upgrades thou level)
 Sensor scan- aoe damage restance debuff,stealth debuff(3 km sphere up too 15 targets),and self perception buff(20 sec).
 Subnucleonic beam- single target buff removal,recharge debuff,damage debuff(30 sec).
 Scattering field- aoe damage restance buff,damage buff,immunity to teleport(30 sec).
 Science fleet- team shield damage restance buff,sci skill buff(30 sec).
 Co-opt energy weapons- aoe energy weapon damage debuff,incoming energy weapon damage healing(15 sec 5 km range)
 Photonic fleet- summon 3 holographic ships(small ships if in small craft)( 4 min recharge)

  Sci vs factions:
   KDF- Most of the time you will be coming up aginst cloaking ships from the KDF so you will not see them intill they are shoting at you so you have to be reactive most of the time.Once you have a target powers like grav well and tractor beam will help control and keep them from cloaking id the class and ship as much as you can and proceed from there.
   ROM- Romulans are a bit differint from most factions they have triaits  on the player toon and boffs that can buff crit stats and most if not all of they're ships have combat cloaks that alow them to cloak anytime.Romulan cores give them powers the no one else has they can make a grav well effect or jump and make duplacats too weapon buffs.Like the KDF you have to be reactive and use control powers when a target presents it's self.
   FED- Fed is starting faction for most and has the widest varity of ships some have cloaks but most times it's a strait up fight.Expect more up front tactics with some console powers in the mix.Id class and ship and ajust tactics accordingly.
   Jem'hadar-Jem'hadar have limited ships they can use from they're own faction but the ones they do have have a very uniqe power two wingman ships with all the vangard ships.It's worth noting that they have a carrier that can spawn more summon ships then any other faction before level 6 mastery.As a whole expect up front tactics with more base summons so control is needed when fighting them in space.

 Sci vs ship classes:(this is based on using a sci ship not any other class)
  Escort- high flight speed,tight turning radious,high damage and low hull/shield hp. Use control powers with subnuc and scattering field to reduce speed,turning,buffing and reduce incoming and outgoing damage.
epg damage like gravity well and paired with normal weapon damage and photonic fleet if needed will end a match if they don't break out of your control effects.
  Cruiser- high hull hp/restance,wide turn radious,rounded offence with high sub power and weapon slots. Use dps over control,epg powers and weapons with photonic fleet will be needed to beat a compatint pilot.
Keep your heals with your subnuc in active use to keep incoming damage down and keep them from healing and buffing as often.Sustained dps will win with well timed heals and some control just don't expose yourself to broadsides as much as posable.
  Sci ship-high shield hp/restance,med hull hp,mid turn radious,high epg powered dps,low weapon dps. Use epg powers to bypass shields with subnuc to bebuff and drop incoming damage and keep you hull heals open to counter incoming epg damage.
Photonic fleet will help you break it's shields and get damage to it's hull but don't expect it too not last long in a gravity well or other control powers.
  Drednughts-high hull/shield hp depending on ship,one hanger bay,wide turn radious,mixed offence depending on ship.This is a hard match up some use more fighters then weapons and others use more weapons then fighters.Use your control/epg powers to handle fighters and hit the main ship at the same time.
Remember to use you subnuc to drop incoming damage and debuff with photonic fleet as extra damage for pets and main ship be carful of broadsides.
  Carriers-high shield hp,hull hp varies based on ship,twin hanger bays,defence varies with ship,wide turn radious,mixed offence with weapons but high damage with pets. Carriers are all about pets and tanking so use control/damage epg powers with an aoe for the main ship plus damage to pets that are imune to gravity well.
Use your weapons with multi-targeting modfiers for the pets and keeping damage on the carrier it's self but once the pets are gone move all your dps to the main ship before they can get more pets out.

 Sci vs player classes:(in space and using class leaning ships.)
  Tac-Dps.Don't try to fight a tac player head on as they can make good use of cannon boats but be carefull of beam boats as they don't have the same limitations. In ether case don't open up a shield facing for too long or they will eat in to your hull.
You want to time your subnuc and control powers to remove alpha strikes and debuff your target.From there you want use you shield pen epg powers to try to end the threat as fast as posable as you don't have a engi defence in most ship classes. focus every thing you have too end the match fast execept your photonic fleet as it can be defencive as well as offencive.
The photonic fleet has two uses here. First is offence,the 3 ships you summon can turn the tide on single target loadouts as they can't stay on one target with out heavy damage but watch out for beam spamers as they will not effected as much. Second is defence,the 3 ships can force them to break off and give you time too heal and have powers cool down but be ready for the next alpha strike.
Watch out for go down fighting as it will let them buff damage as they take damage so keep some heals on hand for the damage spike.The ships can change but the class does not so know your ships and know how they can operate and you will be in good shape.
   Engi-Hull tank.Timing is important when fighting an engi.get them to start healing when you force them to burn most they're heals subnuc them and use every thing you can to get damage across and control your target. Keep your heals ready as engi's can deal lots of damage over time and don't open your self up to broad sides attack head on or from the back when possable.Damage restance debuffs
 and damage debuff are a must vs a engi your sensor scan and scartering field or co-oped energy weapons will all be needed.Sensor scan will debuff damage restance with cycling scatering field and co-oped energy weapons will reduce or elimanate damage for a short time.If your offence are done right you should stand a good chance for droping a engi before they're constant dps gets you.
   Sci-epg damage,shield tank.These match ups will ether be very long or very short you need to make the most of your epg powers to damage thru they're shields as your weapons on ther're own will do little with bleedthough.Use your control powers as best you can on your target and any summons but know that they will have the same built in resistances as you do.
Hold some powers back to counter and match mirror powers like photonic fleet and subnuc,use scatering field and co-oped energy weapons as needed when facing summoned pets to counter the extra energy damage and heal at the same time.In the end expect your own tactics to be used on you just know how to use class strengths to give your best shot at walking away in one piece.

 Sci in pvp:
  1v1- You want to use all your dps and control on your target too break a tank and eliminate them before they dps you down. Plus know your ships and classes.This will dictate how you approach and when and how you engage.
  Team pvp(2v2-5v5)- This is where you realy need to know not only you ships but know your classes here you need to prioritize your targets carefully depending on team make up. Use aoe epg powers and to control and damage the enemy team opening them up to your teams dps to thin they're numbers.
Be ready to heal your team mates and your self if need as a sci class you have more heals then a tac but less then an engi.

Science - Fleet Captain

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re: Sci training- the basics


Captain Hill -- as a mostly Science Officer, I concur with the above.  Never forget, gravity wells are your best friend.



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