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Anton Mercer
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re: 7th Fleet Ship Registry


U.S.S. Ticonderoga / NCC-1775: FADM Emery Fortin - Avenger class 

U.S.S. Midway / NCC-41221: ADM Don Van Wormer - Vesta class  

U.S.S. Astoria / NCC-990348-S: VADM JT Kerry - Constitution class (TLC-T6)

U.S.S. Perseus / NCC-932075-A: COMO Richter - Eclipse class

U.S.S. Australia / NCC 93939: FCAPT Preston - Aquarius class

U.S.S. Hatsune Miku / NX-93015: FCAPT Mitchell. D. Ries - Avenger class

U.S.S. Kenning / NX-536646: FCAPT Sapel - Vesta class

U.S.S. Sirius / NCC-93239: VADM Kor - Reliant class 

U.S.S. Spectre / NCC-975757-G: FCAPT Novin - Monarch class


U.S.S. Booty Bay / NCC- 92207: VADM Solrac Yatug - Miranda class

U.S.S. Lassen / NCC-91082: VADM Jason - Vesta class 

U.S.S. Shiloh / NCC-92407-B: VADM Morgan Shackelford - Avenger class

U.S.S. Thermopylae:  VADM Bor'annus p'Rett - Astika Heavy Battlecruiser

U.S.S. Trial / NCC-1948: VADM Lang - Miranda class


U.S.S. Alabama / NCC-205119-A: CAPT Jonathan Goke - Avenger class

U.S.S. Alliance / NCC-93405-C: CAPT Collin McNeil - Odyssey class 

U.S.S. Arbiter / NCC-97281: CAPT Mac D. Ardell - Defiant class

U.S.S. Audacity / NCC-92832: CAPT Mark Speed - Phantom Intel Escort

U.S.S. Auditor / NCC-93646: CAPT Gint Beggon - D'Kora Marauder

U.S.S. Bozeman / NCC-91941-E: CAPT iTzBam - Imperial class

U.S.S. Brig Niagara / NCC-91813-B: CAPT Ben Jiinan - Defiant Class 

U.S.S. Brilliance / NCC-93094: CAPT Brent Zondi - Vesta class 

U.S.S. Byzantium / NCC-93234: CAPT Dietrich Cornelius Von Strauss - Odyssey class

U.S.S. Carolina / NCC-42050-A: Captain B. Huckabee - Reliant Class

U.S.S. Champlain / NCC-92991: CAPT Dmextreme - Vesta class 

U.S.S. Challenger / NCC-2032: CAPT Talbot - Gryphon class

U.S.S. Concord / NCC-93261: CAPT Baldwin Michael Praji - Akira class

U.S.S. Daystar Clarion / NCC-93412-X: CAPT Valencynos - Avenger class

U.S.S. Dishevel / NCC-971174-A: CAPT Elthiar - Sovereign class 

U.S.S. Excalibur / NX-98597: CAPT John Culbert - Defiant class 

U.S.S. Goldadler / NCC-392781-E: CAPT Zecharius Krell - Comet class

U.S.S. Guam / NCC-91671: CAPT TeK'E - Excelsior class

U.S.S. Hayabusa / NCC-880417-D: CAPT Xaran - Sovereign class

U.S.S. Hekate / NCC-97221-C: CAPT Rian Antin - Avenger class

U.S.S. Highlander / NCC-105300-B: CAPT Tark - Presidio class

U.S.S. Iapetus / NCC 102571: CAPT Gerron Vek - Rhode Island class

U.S.S. Indianapolis / NCC-92994: CAPT Link - Presidio class

U.S.S  Keystone / NCC-963357-F: CAPT Solomon Cain - Phantom Intel Escort

U.S.S. Lake Erie / NCC-93474: CAPT Talon Dax - Yorktown class

U.S.S. Leviathan / NCC-93151: CAPT Wallace Stone - Odyssey class

U.S.S. Mackinaw / NCC-119872-B: CAPT Greenhaven - Avenger class

U.S.S. Mandragoran / NX-852426 CAPT Nimmoth - Arbiter class

U.S.S. Marines / NCC-910787: CAPT Augerson - Vesta class 

U.S.S. Massachusetts / NCC-5959: CAPT Thunor Stryker - Prometheus class

U.S.S. Mist Raven / NCC-92835: CAPT Kagi Vayun - Pathfinder class

U.S.S. Oklahoma City / NCC-91005-K: CAPT Smaug - Fleet Heavy Destroyer

U.S.S. Pearl Harbor / NCC 93055:  CAPT Vashaar - Jupiter class Carrier 

U.S.S. Reaper / NX-93167: CAPT Justin "Evildead" Hammond - Avenger class

U.S.S. Renaissance / NCC-990969-D: CAPT Alistar D. Starforge - Gladius class 

U.S.S. Royal Arch / NX-95202-V: CAPT Moonlight - Guardian class

U.S.S. Shagohod / NCC-92391-D: CAPT Mavric - Defiant class

U.S.S. Specter / NCC-96876 : CAPT Atreyu Z. Syvian - Akira class

U.S.S. Sojourn / NCC-97370: CAPT T'vaan - Emissary class

U.S.S. Steel Justice II / NCC-122867-C: CAPT Nannoc - Guardian class

U.S.S. Tarawa / NX-92143: CAPT Davis - Pathfinder class

U.S.S. Tokugawa / NX-93485: CAPT Edward Hau - Excelsior class 

U.S.S. Warthog / NCC-92982: CAPT Darrick "Lurr" Essley - Fleet Phoneix class

U.S.S. Valkyrie / NCC-91107: CAPT Anton Mercer - Odyssey class

U.S.S. Vindicator / NX-102667: CAPT J.C. Addams - Arbiter class

U.S.S. Yukon / NCC-97345: CAPT Cleo Mavendorf - Valiant class


U.S.S. Asmodeus / NCC-93472-A: CDR Barrett - Arbiter class

U.S.S. Dahaka / NCC-93084: CDR Sean Hill - Wells Temporal Science Vessel

U.S.S. Errant Song / NCC-93171: CDR Thilas ShahrBrigid class

U.S.S. Sovngarde / NCC-125618-A: CDR Dova - Alita class

Lt. Commander

U.S.S. Marmara: LTCR Radar - Temporal Dreadnought Cruiser

U.S.S. Striker / NCC-93096: LTCR Lenfest - Defiant class

U.S.S. Viking / NCC-93182: LTCR Melanie Fox - Thoyzn class 




U.S.S Jonestown / NCC-8604-T: ENS ThorneGal-X Dreadnought

USS Umbra / NX-93844 - Captain Cassandra Aliena - Eclipse Intel cruiser


R.R.W. Fortune X: CDR Sharrp - Dyson Science Destroyer 


U.S.S. Amram / NCC-92294-C: CAPT Vausrie Leiathan - Regent class

U.S.S. Dauntless / NCC-71879-A: CAPT Savar - Sentinel class

U.S.S. Declaration / NCC-8666: CAPT L. Wolf Fenrir - Odyssey class 

U.S.S. Hyperion / NCC-92900-X: CAPT Revan Majere - Mobius Temporal Destroyer 

U.S.S. Lawrence / NCC-91411: CAPT D. Huckabee - Constitution class

U.S.S. Leyte Gulf / NCC-63936: CAPT Cleo Mavendorf - Sovereign class

U.S.S. Looking Glass / NCC 98741: CAPT Hanson - Concorde class

U.S.S. Salvation / NX-922401: CAPT Ryo Himura - Regent class

U.S.S. Saratoga / NCC-94550: CAPT Scott - Sovereign class

U.S.S. Valhalla / NX-96669: CAPT Ganoslal - Defiant class





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Anton Mercer
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re: 7th Fleet Ship Registry


Hello Fleeties!

 The guidelines are still the same when posting a ship for the Registry:

  • Only your main ship/character information please. No alts whatsoever.
  • List your ship class, aka ship skin, according to what your ship is primarily composed of, i.e. your ship contains parts from both the Stargazer and Cheyenne classes, but is primarily made of Stargazer pieces, then it's a Stargazer ... unless you want it to be know as a Cheyenne. Either way, in-game ship class name ONLY and not ones made up or from other sources.
  • Once your post has been addressed it will be delete to keep the thread clean.
  • Romulan characters MUST belong to the Republic with R.R.W for their ship prefixes. Any and all Imperial Warbirds will be confiscated by 7th Fleet Security and shipped to Romulan Republic Intelligence along with it's captain and crew.

I'm also giving the list a little flair and adding an additional feature I couldn't make work a couple years ago and will add to it as time goes on. The only one with it now is Admiral Fortin. If you scroll over his name and click it, it will take you to a picture of his in game character that is in the Gallery. The character gallery is within the main Images section, fyi for the new members to place their picture in. Each month, coinciding with the Flag meeting, I will look for anyone who has placed a recent picture of their character and add it to the registry and will add any character images (without sliders that was for my other project :) ) to the registry as well. 

 oh and Emphatic I need to know what class warbird you are flying.



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Anton Mercer
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re: 7th Fleet Ship Registry


New year new look! I re-did the registry to be a little more friendly to the eyes. Each rank is now separated but still in ship alpha. As more people post and are promoted they will be moved accordingly! So keep posting your ships or ship changes!!

List of character portraits in the list:

Emery Fortin



FCAPT Morgan Shackleford


FCAPT Edward Hau

CAPT Jason

CAPT Augerson

Anton Mercer
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re: 7th Fleet Ship Registry


Everybody who had a request has been updated!

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re: 7th Fleet Ship Registry


CAPT Mercer,

Please change the registry to reflect the recent change of command ceremonies. COMO Sapel is currently in command of the 7th I.T.S. and I am the new CoS. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

VADM Richter

7th Fleet CoS

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