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re: U.S.S. Carolina History


U.S.S. Carolina  NCC-42050  Excelsior Class  Re-Fit Battlecruiser


  The U.S.S. Carolina was constructed in 2350 as the Excelsior ship line was nearing it's final construction contracts before newer ship classes began production to the update the fleet.  It was fitted for patrol duties along the Romulan Neutral Zone border.

  In 2374, the U.S.S. Carolina was one of the 14 ships out of 112 ships assigned to the 7th Fleet to survive the attempt to stop Jem'Hadar forces in the Tyra system.  The Carolina survived the Dominion war and received many citations for it's success.  After the war, she was re-fitted and repaired for the last time in her continuous service and re-assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone.

   In 2377, Captain Peterson was the commanding officer of the Carolina.  In that year it was diverted by Admiral Paris to intercept the Ferengi that was causing interference with Project Pathfinder that was communicating with the U.S.S. Voyager that was stranded in the Delta Quadrant.  The Carolina was successful in closing a geodesic fold that the Ferengi had created to lure the Voyager and it's crew into what have been their death.  She was later re-assigned as a patrol vessel to the inner most of the Federation due to her age.

   In 2385, the Carolina was decommissioned and placed into a space dock at Utopia Planitia and used for parts and a test bed for re-fitted systems.  By the year 2387 however, the Carolina was placed into a reserve dock where she sat until she was called upon for service again.

   In 2415 during the Iconian War, Starfleet was facing a ship crisis.  The many wars it had faced before this had taken a toll on the fleet.  Starfleet began to field any ship that they could to maintain the fleet.  The Carolina then began the processes of being re-fitted to modern standards the fastest engineers could place her into the fleet.  Due to the extent of how much she had been stripped of parts and materials while in dock, 85% of her internals were missing.  Her final construction was never finished due to this.  Between repairs needed to vessels already in service and the end of the war, she was remained in dock.

   In 2418, Starfleet began a push to modernize all older ship frames still in service to bolster the strength and capabilities of the fleet to prepare for any future wars.   The engineers continued to push newer ship designs, but the Admirals of Starfleet did not want to risk any shortage of ships in the future.  Engineers at Utopia Planitia then picked up on the refit of the U.S.S. Carolina due to the Excelsior design originally being built as a battlecruiser in the late 2200's.  

   The U.S.S. Carolina was fitted with the latest warp drive and tactical capabilities of the 2400's.  Due to the upgrades, the ship could run on just a crew of 500 as oppose to the normal standards of the design for a crew of 750.  Due to her size and original design, the engineers were able to create the Carolina as a fast attack battlecruiser.  Although not as powerful as modern ship designs, the Carolina proved during trials that it could hold it's own against the newer fleet proving that the 100+ year old Excelsior design is still one of the best created by Starfleet.

   After completion, she was assigned to Captain Huckabee after his request to 7th Fleet Command, after the decommission of his ship.  The Carolina is currently assigned to the 7th Fleet as a patrol and tactical vessel.  The ship mainly operates along the Romulan and Klingon border.


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