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re: Friday Night Event: Balance of Terror


Attention all personnel,


The even scheduled for Friday, May 14, 2021 will be run as follows:

1. Please use one of the following ship classes: Constitution, Miranda, any Discovery class ship, D7, D9, Bird of Prey, Sarcophagus, or any other ship not listed but of the TOS era or before.

2. The map will be divided into quadrants and the fleet will be dispersed evenly within each quadrant.

3. The enemy T'Liss war bird will be able to travel to any quadrant, but forces assigned to the quadrant cannot leave their assigned quadrant.

4. The T'Liss will be armed with the red ball of death (destabilized plasma torpedo) and will fire as soon as he has an opportunity to do so. For the first two minutes of the exercise, defending targets are not permitted to return fire. They may only evade and flee. If it comes down to leaving your assigned quadrant or being destroyed, the fleeing ship IS AUTHORIZED to leave the quadrant to escape danger. However, as soon as the threat is evaded, that ship must return to its assignment.

5. After two minutes have passed, all ships may now return fire, however, they are NOT to leave their assigned quadrant.

6. A win will be recorded for the Feds if they score a kill on the T'Liss. The Romulans win if they score 5 kills or manage to survive until the mission timer runs out. The total mission time is 5 MINUTES.

7. All participants will be awarded the Fleet Cannon Campaign - Romulan ribbon and be authorized an increment in their Fleet Expeditionary Medal.

8. The Chief of Staff reserves the right to adjust the rules of engagement based on mission results in order to ensure fairness to all participants.


Wulfric Richter

Chief of Staff

7th Fleet

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