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Ethan Blake
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re: Ethan Blake


This is my bio as seen in game. More information will come from future posts in the RP story section of the forums, the prelude to the USS Armistice has already been posted.

Ethan Paul Williams


*Age: 40     

*Height: 6'3    

*Weight: 205lbs

*Immediate Family:

-Father: Thomas P. (72), Agricultural Engineer

-Mother: Janet L. (66), Civilian Professor of nanotechnology

-Brother: Brandon B. (43), a.k.a. "Brandon Blake" from the Federation News Network

-Sister: Korina J. (29), New Zealand Penal Colony (level 10 access required)


Starfleet Academy: Class of 2402

Top Courses of Study:  Advanced Starship Engineering, Temporal Mechanics, Interspecies Ethics and Protocol, Survival Strategies, Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Transwarp theory



USS Armistice *NCC-88582* (Odyssey class)

A decorated war veteran of the Klingon and Iconian wars, Captain Blake's previous command was destroyed by sabotage during a transwarp experiment (level 10 access required). Shortly after, Captain Blake joined a diplomatic convoy to a Krenim colony in the [redacted] system. Ethan grew fond of the Krenim people and requested an extended leave of absence to help them build their new home. Ethan didn't return to Starfleet for nearly four years, but has recently returned to the captain's chair, on the Odyssey class, USS Armistice.

The crew of the Armistice, spends most of their time on diplomatic outreach missions to highly advanced civilizations, located throughout the galaxy. While the Captain is no stranger to battle, his present-day self would prefer not to see the daily death toll of a violent war


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