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re: Mirrors and Smoke - Part 8


T'Paal's attention was broken by the comms signal and she pulled herself away from her studies. As she walked to the comms station, she rubbed her eyes and then hit the open channel button. As the screen came to life, a Herald was addressing her. "Greetings, I am the Herald of L'Miren. I have been tasked to give you an answer to your inquiry. The signal that you are looking for originates beyond the confines of your galaxy. I am sending you coordinates, but do not delay as the signal is moving." And with that, the channel was switched off on the Iconian's end.

"That was terse." T'Paal then cringed inwardly as she realized that she had adopted the human habit of speaking to one's self. Although she had had emotions for many years, it was always in a limited context. But here, working with the Admiral in far different circumstances, she was uncomfortable. New emotions in new contexts and different circumstances had pulled her out of her comfort zone, and she was not sure how to maintain balance in such an environment. What she wouldn't give to have another Vulcan, or even a Romulan to speak to about this! She couldn't speak with the Admiral as she believed that would show weakness on her part, and he needed to believe that she was strong enough to do what must be done. She sighed heavily and then headed to the turbolift. "Emotions be damned!" And she descended to the crew deck.


T'Ket was furious. She had been betrayed, but she didn't know by who. At least, not yet. As she floated through the halls of her flagship, the members of her crew noticed the ugly pallor to her color and knew that it would be extremely dangerous to be in her presence right now, and so they hid. T'Ket entered the bridge and summoned her command staff. She seethed as she waited for her Heralds to arrive. T'Ket had always been subject to her passions, but the rage that gripped her was even worse than when Iconia had fallen because she, personally, had been betrayed and that thought ate at her.

As the portals opened on her bridge, her anger deepened and even she was surprised by that as she had thought she could not be more furious than she was. When the Heralds took a knee before her, she could contain her fury no longer. "Who among you has betrayed me!" She screamed. As the Heralds began to protest their innocence, she destroyed them all. It was that, and her shriek of pure rage that terrified her unknown spy. He had thought himself clever when he secreted a listening device aboard T'Ket's flagship. But he didn't really know T'Ket or what she was capable of until this moment. He was very much aware that she was dangerous, but he had no idea just how dangerous. Or how unhinged she could be. Nor was he aware that a hint of madness had been created in her mind by the thought of being betrayed by her Heralds and the new levels of fury that had been created. But he was certain that he would never forget the screams of those that T'ket had loved as they died in agony. Because if she could do that to them, what would she do to him if she ever discovered him?

He began destroying his equipment and any evidence that could possibly link him to T'Ket. His pay had been good, but it was nothing compared to the price of being caught by T'Ket. And for the first time, he knew why the Iconians had been branded demons.

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