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re: Ship Build Information



A lot of people have questions about ship builds and don't know where to turn for information. Damage per second or DPS relies on equipment and piloting skills, with piloting being the more important of the two. To provide resources so that our members can obtain the information they desire, I give the following references:


The DPS League               STO Better               Cat 1 and Cat 2 Damage Types 


Torpedo Builds                 MC Stu Videos           Augmented Dictator Videos 


Casual SAB Videos           Stu 1701                  Ground Combat Ambush Meta (Time Device Nerfed)   


Ground Build 101             Kit Performance        Skill Tree 1        Skill Tree 2      Skill Tree 3     


Abbreviations 1               Abbreviations 2          Abbreviations 3


Cannon Piloting               Weapon Firing Mode Analysis          Best CSV Platforms


Pilot Guides                    Combat Log Reader           STO Combat Meter      


Starship Specializations Guide          


Note 1: Categories with multiple listings carry varied information

Note 2: Categories for multiple types exist because of differing takes on the subject

Note 3: Many objects/Duty Officers/Traits are EXPENSIVE. But there are also guides for budget players                        included above

Note 4: Many things are given away free for completing the missions and these items have set bonuses                        that are advantageous to new and experienced players alike. DON'T overlook them

Note 5: Combat Log Reader (CLR) and STO Combat Reader are included to test your builds in ISA Just                        use the one you like

 Note 6: The videos by named individuals are from STO players who do over 1 million DPS


I hope that you find what you are looking for on this list and have fun!


VADM Richter

Chief of Staff

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