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re: Passing the torch


Stardate 2423.0126 Earth Spacedock


Captain Cleo Mavendorf stood at relaxed position in front of the window overlooking the enormous docking area. At the moment there were several ships within, including the Leyte Gulf...her last command. She felt a presence beside her but didn't move her gaze from her former ship "I had hoped you would agree to see me off Marta" She said.

Her "daughter" Marta spent a moment looking out at the Leyte Gulf as well. The woman was a younger looking duplicate of Cleo...a different hairstyle and she would be a complete match for her 'mother" "I thought maybe it was the right thing to do." Marta finally replied..."and my name is Mizi now...I changed it after I had the treatments to change my skin color."

Cleo simply nodded "I had heard...they will still be looking for an Orion girl for a long time I'll need to make sure you keep your tracks covered for probably another decade at least." Cleo turned and looked into the Green eyes that were a perfect match for her own "It's still strange isn't it? Even meeting my Mirror self wasn't as strange as finding out about you."

Mizi nodded "It was a lot to process...I've had more than one instructor ask me about you...pretending I don't know who you are has been a challenge"

Cleo allowed herself a small smile "I wish you had agreed to alter your face a bit...but I understand why you didn't...I pulled in a few favors to keep you as under the radar as possible...but as I know you are as much me as I am I expect you'll make enough waves that it won't matter in the end."

Mizi looked at Cleo "You managed to hide who you really were for a long time Kali Ma...I expect I can do the same." She gave a soft chuckle at the frown that crossed Cleo's face at the use of her true name "I hate that name."

Cleo shook her head "I don't hate's just a name that defined who I could have been but chose not to be is all"

Mizi nodded "You're really retiring from Star Fleet?" she asked as a change of subject "That is unexpected."

"Cleo sighed "It's time Mizi...I gave a lot of years and more than a little blood to's time for me to move on." She she looked at her younger clone for a moment "Besides...two Mavendorfs in the fleet would raise far too many questions." she reached down and picked up the small travel case that had been sitting at her feet "Give my best to Admiral Van Wormer when you report in."

Mizi reached in and gave her 'mother a hug "Keep in touch...I may need your experience and wisdom in the future."

Cleo was caught by surprise by the hug but she quickly returned it "You have my contact details...I'll only be a holocall away if you need me."

Mizi released the hug and and stepped back...Cleo turned and headed away towards the shuttle bays without looking back. Mizi watched her until she vanished into the crowd. Then she turned and made her way to the transporter room...she pulled out the holochip that held her orders assigning her to the 7th fleet and readied it...her mother's journey was over...but her own was just begining




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