7th Fleet Life Members

Fleet Admiral E. Fortin (Midpoint) (FA) 
Admiral Van Wormer (VeeMaxx) (DC) 
VADM Solrac Yatug
VADM JTKerry (Comms)
VADM Morgan Shackelford (sparrow794)
VADM Jason (Jason32)
VADM pRett (MortarrKang)
VADM Kor (Mark_D) (CE)

CAPT King Mikey (mbrwn2003)
CAPT Anton Mercer (antman9173)
CAPT Steven Lang (Lang_S)
CAPT Charles Talbot (Suran)
CAPT Deven Scott
CAPT Christian Hanson (STFOfficer)
CAPT Mac Ardell 
CAPT Thunor Stryker (coyotemopar)
CAPT Marcus Greenhaven (xivim)
CAPT Cleo Mavendorf 
CAPT T’Pau (Connnor)
CAPT AUGERSON (Armyflyboy20)
CAPT Ganoslal (Ganos Lal)
CAPT John Culbert (Bert6583)

CAPT Nannoc (Capt Nannoc)
CAPT Huckabee

The above members have earned the privileges of "Life" membership with the 7th Fleet by holding the position and rank of VADM/Chief of Staff or higher, or maintaining membership for 8+ years.
 - Congratulations gentlemen!
The Staff