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re: Star Wars the Old Republic 7th Fleet Extension


Attention all members!


I will be extending the 7th Fleets presence into the Star Wars universe on Thursday, May 6th at 2030 hours EST. All interested members please have one toon on Republic side and one on the Empire's side (if you would like) in order to begin a guild on the Star Forge server. We will be playing every Thursday night from that point after. I have already established a channel in Discord for the action. To have voice comms just drop down to 7th SWTOR and you are in.

Tips on leveling:

1. The tanks in game are tougher and will therefore more easily survive the rist to level 75

2. DPS characters on the force user side (and who doesn't want a few of those?) are Jedi Guardians and Sith Juggernaut toons. They will also easily reach level 75

3. If you have a higher number piece of equipment in your inventory than what you have equipped, change it to the higher number! That's all the game recognizes and will  adjust the loot tables accordingly. You want to do this until level 306 which is the highest gear available.

4. Once you reach level 306 for your gear, THEN worry about what's optimal for your character.

5. Resources are available to help you configure your toons online. But the best of them all is VULKK. Do a Google search (ex. SWTOR Sith Vengeance build) and then select the VULKK entry in the returned list. It will explain: the strengths and weaknesses of the toon, the best recommended set ups for each class, the suggested rotation of abilities, and the best gearing for the class.

6. You will want strongholds. Strongholds are places that your toon can kick off his ( or her ) boots, grab an adult beverage, and relax. It is also a good place to store all of your loot and SWTOR is jam packed with it. Of course, the better stuff you have to pay for in either in game currency or real money. But don't worry about that just yet. As soon as your are able, get seven strongholds and unlock all of the rooms in them. That gives you a 150% experience boost for ALL of your toons. Yes, it can be expensive, but it is definitely worth doing if you are going to be a long term player. If you can't afford it, that's alright. You can do it piecemeal as the credits roll in (that was how I did it).

7. If you are into PvP, then you are in luck because SWTOR has a vibrant PvP environment and it is well loved by those that go PvP. If you don't like PvP, then the outstanding story lines will keep you invested.

8. If you like KDF you are going to love the Empire. The Sith is dark, brooding, and ruthless and if that is your player style, welcome home. You can even play like a good guy and still build darkside points depending on whether you choose to dedicate yourself to the light side or dark side, as missions will achieve the ultimate end for you.


So there a a few tips to get you started. The game is free to play so there aren't any subscriptions to worry about unless that is the route that you choose to go. But subscribers do get some goodies like early unlocks for vehicles and such, as well as better rewards for logging in and some events. So if any of this interests you or you happen to be a Star Wars fan as well, then I hope to see you this Thursday!


VADM Richter

CoS 7th Fleet


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