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April 2417 Events

by VADM JT Kerry, 20 days ago

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Staff Meeting

by VADM JT Kerry, 6 hours ago

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New Fleet Memebers for April

by VADM JT Kerry, 22 days ago

This post will be edited as new Ensigns graduate from Star Fleet Academy and are arriving with their new commands, ready to join the Lucky 7th.   All Fleet members who are Sec III and above [CDR and above] are welcome to extend Fleet invites to the new recruits listed in this thread, if they should request it.  Please do not invite anyone to the Fleet unless they have an accepted application on this site, and they appear on this list: (PM handle)

Snipes@LeoGreyson34 (S.Snipes)

Arawn'Aun@Arawn-Aun (Arawn'Aun)

Bakkua@CaliDego (italo151)

Alisa@mustang1970 (  (1VB)mustang1970  )

Johnathan Paris Reed@wolfpack1#2689  (wolfpack12)




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by VADM Kor, 23 days ago

VADM Kor, Chief Engineer and Fleet Historian, 7th Fleet, United Federation of Planets.


Hi all, I've found a resource that I find very useful and you may as well.  If you have a Google account, you can save a copy of this great spreadsheet called DOFFTREKKER3 for tracking all sorts of Duty Officer stuff in STO at the following link:


The setup instructions are good and I was able to get it working in only a few minutes.  Summary:  You make a copy of the original, read-only spreadsheet, in your own Google Drive folder, and then follow the setup instructions for things like setting your time zone and spreadsheet tabs for each of your characters.  Why time zone?  Because the tracker allows you to put in the time you started a mission, and it calculates when it will finish and any cooldown before it can be run again!  They have it set up so that the can update the original and it can update your copy.  I think you have to give the sheet permission in Google Docs for that and some other things to happen.  This thing is great, check it out!

Note that there is a PayPal donation link at the bottom of the instructions page to reward the creator of this spreadsheet, if you wish to.

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April Birthdays

by Fleet Admiral E. Fortin, 24 days ago



Happy Birthday, gentlemen. Job well done!!! 

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Important Discord Information

by FCPT. Mitchell. D. Ries, 24 days ago







To: All Personnel

Subject: Important Discord Information

From: FCPT. Ries

Hey all, there have been a few questions recently about our Discord server and I'm here to clear up any confusion or questions regarding bots and commands accessible to the majority of the fleet.

Let's start with the bots.

We currently have two bots that both help maintain the discord server and add a little fun to it. That is the Security Chief and Rem of Borg bots.

Rem is used to help with some moderator aspects of the discord however is more sided towards the fun side, it has quite a lot of commands that are accessible to the whole fleet and some that are only available to the Command Staff and Fleet Captains.

The Security Chief however is works mostly behind the scenes keeping everything in order, it keeps an active log as to what everyone on the discord server does (excluding making a log of what people post in chat. Even a daily read would take an hour or two for that), If someone moves channel, changes nicknames, deletes posts, or is kicked/banned. It makes a log of it, which I do read everyday. It also is capable of basic moderation while there is no admin or moderator around. All of the commands for this bot are restricted to Command staff and Fleet Captains.

As stated above the Commands for each bot are either restricted or available to all members of the fleet, There is a forum post about the commands that everyone can use here, however it is in need of an update, which I am doing. If anyone has any questions about the functionality of the bots and about the Discord server itself. Please don't be afraid to contact me via PMs 

Mitchell Ries

FLeet Captain, Lucky 7th Fleet

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Lukari Ribbons released

by sparrow794, 53 days ago

Lukari Rep : Awarded for achieving Tier V in the Lukari Restoration Initiative Reputation System

Tzenkethi Battlezone : Awarded for joining Fleet 7 Operations in the Tzenkethi Battlezone. This award counts toward the Fleet Expeditionary Medal.

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About the 7th Fleet

Our Mission: Our forces will help encourage dialogue, promote growth, and insure the free flow of trade. Our Most Recent History: After the Great Devastation, under Operation "Unified Assistance" the 7th Fleet began providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to many planets & star systems in the quadrant.  About 40% of the galaxy's population live within the 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility.

We have been given the sacred task and responsibility to rebuild the "Lucky 7th" to her former glory. 

Our Motto: No man left behind.



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