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Change of Office Ceremony

by sparrow794, 6 days ago

Plans are moving forward to transition Commodore Kor into the Chief of Staff position.  As I'm sure many of you noticed, Commodore Kor processed and posted last month's administration cycle minutes.  Vice Admiral Seales, who has held this position for the last two years, will be stepping down.

The Chief of Staff position is one of the more complex officer chairs, and has the heaviest workload.  Third in command of the Fleet, the Chief of Staff is responsible for maintaining the preparedness of the Fleet as a whole.  Practically speaking, this involves a lot of paperwork and communications.  Vice Admiral Seales has discharged the duties of the office admirably for the last two years, and we thank him for his service to the Fleet.

But Chief of Staff was never meant to be a permanent posting.  As such, Commodore Kor has accepted a nomination to the position and is familiarizing himself with role.

Since this sort of thing doesn't happen terribly often, Command is also currently putting together details for a ceremony to commemorate the occasion.  Please stay tuned to the site for details as we hammer this out!

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Heritage Month, Feb. 2015

by sparrow794, 22 days ago

Please note the Admiral's Call is being moved to March

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USS Snakeye Patch Released

by sparrow794, 2 days ago

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Ajilon Prime After Action

by EvildeadXL, 7 days ago

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Last Call for Starting the STO 5 Year Anniversary Ship Event

by VADM Kor, 13 days ago

Fleet Namebar

By my calculations, although no one said there would be math in this gig, today 2/15/2015 is the last day that you can begin doing the Anniversary Event Q dailies and be able to get the Kobali Samsar Cruiser by the extended end date of 3/2/2015.  Why is this important?  There may be more than one reason, or none for you, depending upon what you are interested in.

**Edit: See later in thread, you can also use Lobi Crystals to get Qmendations, so in theory you can complete the Reputation Event a lot faster.**

Read on, especially if you haven’t yet started the Q 2015 Anniversary event.

Here is the link to some information about getting the ship through the Q anniversary event:


The main reason why I want this ship is to get the console.  It is the universal console, Regenerative Integrity Field.  It’s important to me because I’m one of the idiots with more money than sense who bought the new uber mega Command Battlecruiser package.  This means that for every toon on every faction on my account, I have access to all 3 variants of the Command Battlecruiser, which means that I can claim 3 out of 4 of the consoles that go with the set Command Platforms.  And guess what, the Kobali Samsar Cruiser comes with the last piece of the set, Regenerative Integrity Field.  The synergy bonus for having all 4 of the consoles vastly increases the effectiveness of the platforms that the set allows you to spawn.  So if you have the full package, today is your last chance, probably for some time, to get the full console set.  We don’t know if the ship itself will be available in the Zen Store soon or not, or ever.  It might be that we will have to wait until the 6th Anniversary Event to be able to do the Reputation Project to claim this ship, a whole year!

Here are some other thoughts about this.  

First, you only need to do this on one toon.  On the first toon, get the new Episode, Dust to Dust, and complete it.  This will give you 400 of the 1000 Qmendations that you need to complete the Reputation Event to get the ship.  After you claim the Event rewards, each of your other toons only needs to run the daily once and get 40 Qmendations in order to claim the ship.  Sweet!

Second, you may have noticed that Dust to Dust gives out the Kobali space set.  It looks like you can run it over and over again and get 3 of 4 pieces of that set.  It’s a Mk XII purple set, that if you are a ship collector, I guess would go with that ship.  Two of the four pieces of that set are now available as fabulous prizes for running Dust to Dust, and the third will become available on 2/19.  It looks to me like the fourth, the warp/singularity core, comes with the ship, so again, this ship gives you the ability to complete another set, in this case a four piece space set.  At first glance, I didn’t think this set was all that great, but it’s a four piece set [engine, deflector, shield and core], so you get a synergy bonus for four items instead of three.  Maybe it’s worth a look.  So, if you would want to get that ship and its matching space set, but haven’t started the Q Anniversary Event, you still can get it done.  I’m not completely sure if you can get the warp/singularity core piece only by collecting this ship, but after doing a quick check of the arcgames.com news articles on the Anniversary Events, it looks that way to me.  

I had realized just in time that if I wanted to have all 4 consoles for my Command Battlecruiser ships, which I like a lot so far by the way, that I need to grab the Kobali ship from the event.  Heck, maybe I’ll even run the Kobali ship on one of my toons.

If anyone knows of an alternative way to grab the fourth console for the Command Platforms set, and the fourth piece of the Kobali Regenerative Circuitry set, then please post.  I'd hate to get some people worked up about trying to complete a Reputation Event at the last minute for nothing!  But, after looking at it, it appears that this is the case.  Thanks,



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Kobali Prime Invasion

by EvildeadXL, 13 days ago

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TOS Tuesday Pictures

by Baldwin Praji, 17 days ago

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We have been given the sacred task and responsibility to rebuild the "Lucky 7th" to her former glory. 

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