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War of 2267

by sparrow794, 6 days ago

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Delta Rising Gear Upgrade System

by davisjm0311, 2 days ago


Here's a link to the latest on Delta Rising...get ready to start upgrading your gear. 



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Delta Rising Reputation

by davisjm0311, 5 days ago


Here's a link to the latest dev blog that explains the new reputation coming in Delta Rising. 


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Shuttle Weekend event!

by Wupteedo, 8 days ago

Time to dust off your shuttlecraft, gentlemen.

"Quick captains, it's time to jump into your favorite shuttle and get to the frontlines! For a limited time only, we're hosting the Shuttle Weekend Event. From September 11th at 10AM PDT to Monday September 15th at 10AM PDT, swarm your enemies in these small crafts!

During the Shuttle Weekend Event, we have transformed three of our starship queued events into brand new shuttle events.Federation and Klingon Fleet Alert, No Win Scenario, and Storming The Spire will now feature twenty player queues to try and take down some familiar enemies. While the original missions will still be available this weekend, the shuttle queued events will feature twice as many Marks for completion! We're also increasing the Marks available for Atmosphere Assault and Vault Shuttle Event. Learn more about some of the missions you'll be flying here."




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Delta Riser Awards Design Released

by sparrow794, 9 days ago


       1st Place

     2nd Place

     3rd Place


Once the expansion is released on Holodeck, we will establish a thread where you can announce when you have reached the level cap.  Once this has been verified in the Fleet Logs, the first three captains to reach the new cap will be awarded a "Delta Riser" award based on their performance!

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September Birthdays

by Fleet Admiral E. Fortin, 11 days ago


Wishing all a very happy birthday...

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About the 7th Fleet

Our Mission: Our forces will help encourage dialogue, promote growth, and insure the free flow of trade. Our Most Recent History: After the Great Devastation, under Operation "Unified Assistance" the 7th Fleet began providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to many planets & star systems in the quadrant.  About 40% of the galaxy's population live within the 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility.

We have been given the sacred task and responsibility to rebuild the "Lucky 7th" to her former glory. 

Our Motto: No man left behind.



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