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VADM Wulfric Richter CoS
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re: Richter's Flag Ship Build


Hi everyone!


I was asked about my ship configuration and I thought that I would share my build here. My Captain is a tactical officer flying a Vengeance class ship. I estimate that the ship does approximately 125,000 DPS with bursts of approximately 140,000 to 150,000 with beam overload.


Energy Weapons


I use a straight up Aux to Bat build and have upgraded the ship to T6-X. I have armed it with one Terran Task Force Beam array (available through the Terran reputation) because it is the most powerful weapon in the game and the cost to use it in an antiproton build is negligible given the damage done. I also use four Delphic antiproton beam arrays for the 2.5% Delphic Overcharge. I also use one Herald antiproton beam array for the 2.5% chance to gain a bonus 7% energy weapons damage for 20 seconds. All of these weapons are MK-XV and gold plated, Crit-D x 4 with the exception of the Terran disruptor beam array, which is Crit-D x 3 Proc. I also have two omni-directional beams. The first is the Ancient Omni-directional beam array and couples with my ancient subspace rift warp core (both available as rewards through the mission Sphere of Influence in the Solanae arc) to enhance the antiproton energy weapons. This is achieved through the two item set bonus. Finally, I have the Borg kinetic cutting beam array which couples with the Assimilated module to provide the Omega weapon amplifier (both are available through the Omega reputation). All other weapons were purchased on the exchange with energy credits.




All of my engineering needs are met with the Iconian resistance set with the exception of the warp core mentioned above. The entire set is available through the Iconian reputation, including the warp core. But there are other builds that can also benefit from the Terran warp core as well because of it’s bonuses, but it just isn’t the best fit for an antiproton build. I should also point out that the Iconian set is no longer meta, but it serves well enough for me. All of the Iconian set is gold plated and MK-XV. The set offers numerous benefits to include hot restart of the shields, bonuses to hull heals, shield capacity, and energy augmentation. I will mention here that I also use a red matter capacitor to boost energy weapon output as well as a universal heal for offline engineering conditions. It is available through the Phoenix prize pack at the very rare level and recommended on every ship.




The U.S.S. Perseus uses four Vulnerability Locator tactical consoles (available at the Fleet spire). All are gold plated and MK-XV. The reason that the vulnerability locators were taken as opposed to the exploiter consoles, is that you need to crit in order to do damage. Each of my locator consoles add 2% to my crit chance. Therefore, four consoles equal an 8% crit chance. With the addition of other factors or using a Romulan BOFF with superior operative (available at the Fleet embassy) you can buff that up to near 30% crit chance. Always remember, the more often you crit, the more damage you do.


In addition to the tactical consoles, I use the D.O.M.I.N.O. console from the Bajoran interceptor that was available a couple of years ago. It can only be had now as an epic prize in the Phoenix packs. It works best on a phaser builds, but does a fine job with other builds as well. When active, it provides a 25% weapons haste in addition to 25% all damage for 10 seconds which can be extended for 2 seconds per kill up to a total max of 30 seconds. For protection, I use three Fleet neutronium consoles. They are gold plated and MK-XV. Two are Turn and one is HP. The Fleet neutronium consoles are available through the Fleet dilithium mine.


I have already spoken about the Assimilated console above so I will talk about the Crystalline Absorption Matrix. I picked up the console a few years back during an event, but you can get it through the Phoenix Prize Pack as a rare reward. The console adds 19% antiproton damage and when activated provides +500 energy damage resistance. For example, my usual damage resistance is around 53%. When I activate this console it rises to 72.2%. In addition, it pulses antiproton damage every 3 seconds to three ships at random in a 180 degree arc in front of the ship. The final console is the Regenerative Integrity Field console, and it will be the most difficult to get if you don’t already have it. It came from the Samsar cruise some years back and is now only available as an epic prize in the Phoenix Prize Pack. Once activated, this console heals you in proportion to the damage that you do in combat. The more damage that you do, the more you are healed. It essentially became a poor man’s miracle worker for non-engineers.




As I have already spoken about the red matter capacitor above, I will just say that I use the large auxiliary batteries that you can build yourself. Just before entering combat I will use one of these and then use aux to bat to flood my energy systems. Alternatively, if you don’t have an auxiliary battery, you can use the red matter capacitor in its place. Just remember, once you trigger it you will be on cool down before you can use it again. So use your best judgment. I also use a subspace field modulator as an “oh crap” measure. It phase shifts the ship and limits the damage taken. It can be obtained as a mission reward in the Spectres arc entitled Skirmish. It can be accessed in the “available” missions tab in your missions journal.




Defense rating: 35

Hull: 105,710

Shields: 15,745

Accuracy: 54.6

Crit chance: 22.1

Crit severity: 98.3




CMDR Engineering: Emg. Pwr. to Weap. I : Aux to Bat : Emg. Pwr. to Weap. III : Rev. Shield Pol. III

LT Engineering: Emg. Pwr. to Weap. I : Aux to Bat

LCDR Tactical: Tac Team I : Attack Pattern Beta I : Beam Overload III

LCDR Tactical: Beam Fire at Will I : Attack Pattern Beta I : Beam Fire at Will III

LT Science: Polarize Hull I


I have tried my best to strike a balance between offense and defense and this set up works well in that regard. All too often, you can penetrate an enemies shields and then he goes down. The longer you stay alive, the more damage you will do. I expect that my shields won’t last and I have prepared for that eventuality. If my shields stay up, I am pleasantly surprised. The Perseus has a good alpha strike, good survivability, and good healing capability. I have played around with the new meta, but find that it doesn’t help me all that much, so I stick with what works. The above configuration works well with both PvE and PvP.




You need more than just good equipment to build a solid ship. You need to tailor your traits as well. I use the guidelines set by the DPS League and the skill map for Federation use has never failed me. While the DPS league encourages its use for all factions, it is best if Science toons build their own traits as exotic damage is now fully on par with the best tactical set ups. Only at the highest end does tactical now outperform science with the current DPS record at over 1 million. That said, Science captains are now achieving regular performances near half of that. In PvE there is no need for that kind of firepower. Indeed, without special circumstances that kind of firepower cannot be achieved in normal gameplay. But there are some players that like seeing just how far they can push their ships. I just like playing the game and not dying.


Now for the space traits: Beam barrage (useless on a torp boat), Fleet Coordinator (for group damage), Inspirational leader (skills boost), Intense focus (accuracy and shield pen), Operative (crit chance and severity bonus), Self Modulating Fire (shied pen bonus), Superior Accurate (avail. at K-13 holding), Superior Elusive (bonus defense and avail. at K-13), Crippling Fire (reduces enemy accuracy)


Starship traits include: All hands on Deck (-10% recharge on Boff abilities and -5% recharge on CAPT abilities), Emergency Weapon Cycle (Weapon haste and -50% weapon power draw), Honored Dead (defense and survival trait), Target Rich Environment (damage bonus per hit),  Redirecting Arrays (damage increases length of beam fire at will), Improved Crit Systems (Crit enhancement on emerg. Pwr. to x bridge power abilities)


Space reputation: Tactical advantage, Precision, Omega Weapon Amplifier, Enhanced Rending Shots, Aux Power Configuration – Offense.


Duty Officers: Halor Kurlam x 2 (purple) removes enemy buffs, Zemok Jenro (purple) reduces attack pattern cool down, Ulysses Marcus Scott (purple) reduces cool down on Tac Team, Shral Shehl (purple) reduces cool down on Tac Team


Some of these are expensive and can be found on the exchange. Zemok Jenro for example ranges around 60 million EC but you can sometimes find him for around 30 million. Halor Kurlam should also run around 30 to 40 million, but that was a while ago. Just watch the market and don’t jump on the first one that you see. Wait until buying is advantageous for you.


Just remember, I have been playing this game since 2013 and much of this stuff I just picked up over the years. For example, the weapons I got on the cheap when the exchange was lousy with them. Most of them I picked up for around 250,000 EC or less. Sun Tzu said that if you are patient, you will eventually see the body of your enemy floating down the river. The same is true of things that you want on the exchange. Patience is key.


I hope that this has somehow helped my fellow 7th Fleet members have a better understanding of how to build a ship. It took me many years to get to where I am today and I am certainly not the best. You can learn from anyone and I strongly encourage you to seek out many sources of information both within the Fleet and without and then do what works for you. Happy ship building!


Wulfric Richter

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re: Richter's Flag Ship Build


It's a long road, getting from here to there, but it looks like you made it threw the rain.  Built back better!   Impressive indeed!  Enjoy your new ride!

Life is a Journey Enjoy The Ride Cowboy Horse Decal Vinyl ...



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re: Richter's Flag Ship Build



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