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re: Mirrors and Smoke - Part 2


Richter wrinkled his nose as he beamed aboard Drozana station. The station smelled of cheap drink and sweat. More like a poorly maintained locker room than an entertainment hub. He was dressed in the same attire that he wore when he was back home in Texas. Worn jeans, cowboy boots, a faded black t-shirt, and a ball cap sporting the logo for John Deere tractors. He had found the hat in the attic when he was a boy and took a liking to it and it remained a part of his casual attire ever since. He certainly didn't look like a Starfleet Admira, much less the famous Wulf Richter who had appeared so frequently in the news these days. He rubbed his stubble and decided to get a drink.

The Dabo table was busy and the place was filled with customers. The elimination of the Davidians has saved quite a few lives, not to mention the damage that they could have done to the timeline. Richter surveyed the room more closely looking for threats and he found none. So far, so good he thought. "Dabo!" the holographic Leeta shouted as she clapped. Richter smiled to himself, that table is definitely rigged he thought. As he ambled over to the bar, he looked for the Ferengi, Belan, but didn't see him. In fact, he saw no one there. Peering over the bar he spied a rather harried looking Ferengi doing his best to restock the warnog. "Hi there!" The startled Ferengi looked up quickly, but he was able to regain his composure with some alacrity. "Welcome! Welcome, my friend! What can I do for you?"

"I was looking for Belan, is he here?" The Ferengis shook his head, "no, you just missed him. He left for Deep Space nine to talk to the trade guild about expanding. He won't be back for several days at least. Can I help you?" Richter smiled, "perhaps you can at that. I'm looking for some company of the female variety and I know that Belan keeps a good selection. I have latinum and I don't mind spending it. If I can get what I want, that is." The Ferengi behind the bar leaned in to Richter and whispered "I have what you are looking for, but it will cost you. The price for admission is just 50 gold plated latinum, what do you say?" "Done." Richter pulled a shiny card out of his front jeans pocked and handed it to the bar tender. "You have preferred customer status with the Trade Authority? I've never seen one of these here before!"

"Let's just say that I am well connected with the Grand Nagus and leave it at that." A greedy note of joy entered the bartender's tone, "of course, my friend, of course! But who are you, if you don't mind my asking?" "Surely you know the 30th rule of acquisition, confidentiality equals profit? I'm just a bored husband looking for a little fun outside of my marriage, and I don't want my wife to find out about my...hobby. If you need a name, you can call me Tom." The Ferengi chuckled, "I understand, follow me!" As the bartender departed, he called out to another Ferengi to take his place as he left. They exited the bar and entered a long and dimly lit corridor. There was a doorway on the left just before you arrived at a decrepit turbolift. As Richter neared the lift, he activated the button. "No, no! Not there, in here!" And the bartender pulled him into the room to the left.

Richter looked around the room, but all that he saw was old storage units, some junk, and a lot of cobwebs. "What's the meaning of this?" The Ferengi looked back and smiled, "it's a secret club that the Federation doesn't know about, and what they don't know about, they can't inspect! This station was once a base for one of the Klingon great houses. While we were cleaning out their old junk, we discovered this secret area and Belan decided to use it for our off the grid business." The Ferengi was absolutely beside himself as he told the Admiral all about his illegal dealings. He continued, "this is where we have our real gambling operations, contraband, and flesh peddling. We have Andorians, Vulcans, Hoomans, Orions, Klingons, and such. Both male and female too! You are going to have a very good time!" As he reached the back wall, his hand slid behind a stud and Richter heard an audible click. The wall slid open revealing a hidden passageway that was well lit. "Go down this hall and turn right. You will see some stairs and that will take you where you want to go. Enjoy yourself!"  With a mischievous look, Richter replied, "I most certainly will, my friend. Take an extra fifty for yourself and remember, I was never here."

The door slid silently closed behind him as he entered the passage. Richter had a new found admiration for Belan and his clever ways, underhanded as they were. As he walked down the passage, he wondered if they had Romulan ale and decided to try his luck when he made it to the bar. As instructed, he turned right and saw a ramp about 20 yards ahead. As he descended the ramp, he heard the faint murmur of voices and music. Arriving at the bottom, he entered a clean, softly lit club. There were several Dabo tables, tongo games and even some poker tables and all of them were deluged with people gambling, drinking, and generally having a good time. There were three bars in the private club and all of them were busy. So, he strolled over to the nearest.

Behind the bar was an Andorian woman in a very skimpy outfit serving customers. Despite the bar being busy, she was fast and she was efficient. After serving a couple of customers ahead of him, she quickly came down to Richter. "What can I do for you, mister?" "Two things, sweetness. The first is a double Romulan ale if you have it. The second is where are your companion rooms?" If the woman was surprised, she didn't show it. She talked as she worked on Richter's drink order. "You see that row of Dabo tables back there?" Gesturing with her head as her hands handled the bottle and glass. "You go past them and you will come to a hall. Go to the right and you have women, go to the left, you have the men. If you want both, just pick a side and the entertainer will arrange for your other partner. Just tell them what you like and they will take care of the rest. And here's your double Romulan ale. Have fun!" And with that, she walked to the other end of the bar and began assisting those patrons.

Richter took a sip of his drink and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a top shelf ale. He knew that there were great Romulan ales out here, but he had never had one until now. Well, I have a boat load of latinum and nothing to spend it on, he thought, may as well spend it on top shelf ale! He was fairly certain that 25 million latinum would cover his vice rather well as he walked to the back hall wondering what his contact would look like.

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