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re: Mirrors and Smoke - Part 5


Tabittha brought the D’kora to a stop just outside of the Iconian system. Her instructions from Richter was clear: under no circumstances was she to enter the system. She was to hold position and point the nose of the ship to their home planet and wait. Nothing else. Then he turned and retired to his quarter to sleep. She thought him strange, but not extraordinary and couldn’t understand Drake’s admiration for the man. While his rise through the ranks was meteoric and his successes brought great change in the Federation, she could not discount that his career had been more a trick of fortune than of skill. Though she had to admit that he was very handsome, for a human.

As her mind wandered, she eventually arrived at the conclusion that she was destined to make: this is illogical. Although she had suppressed her logical side in order to experience emotions, she never the less continued to experience a bit of stress after arriving that that conclusion. She could not comprehend how the Iconians would detect her waiting for them at the distant edges of their solar system or why they would even care that they were there, and the fact that she had not sent a signal to communicate with them only added to the illogical nature of the situation. Given her situation, she was uncomfortable with merely waiting and sough her solution in a cup of Vulcan spice tea.

She stalked over to the replicator and requested the beverage, “Vulcan spice tea, hot.” When the light had died and the sound had stopped, there was the steaming cup waiting for her. She took it and then sat at a table in the galley, and took a sip. The taste never failed to remind her of home, her parents, and of what it was like to be a Vulcan. Her mind next turned to her memories of the past.

Her mother understood the need for her choice to undergo the ritual to cleanse the logic from her mind, but she didn’t like it. Far too many Vulcans went mad and could not be reclaimed if the ritual failed. Her mother told her that it wasn’t that Vulcans experienced emotions, it was that they experienced them so intensely that was the problem. Anger wasn’t anger, it was rage. Love wasn’t love, it was obsession. Fear wasn’t fear, it was terror. And hatred was far, far worse than any of them. But Surak had saved them from themselves when he introduced logic and changed Vulcan forever.

Logic, dispassion, and balance brought the Vulcan people peace. But to other sentients, they became maddeningly aloof and unapproachable. It was a quality that gave Vulcan women an edge when dealing with the men of emotional races as they were seen as being unobtainable and that carried with it a very strong draw. As she continued to think, a smile emerged on her lips as she pondered that fact. But she was so deep in thought that she did not notice it.

When she left for her training and the ritual to begin her career in intelligence, there were no tearful goodbyes or promises to maintain contact. Everyone knew that as long as she had her emotions, she was a disruptive force within the family. In order to maintain order, she had to maintain her distance. Every few years or so she would reach out in a written communication, but she could not share her visage, voice or emotions with them. And that saddened her. She quickly changed her thoughts to a fresh concept as when she experienced sadness it was very strong within her and she didn’t like how that felt.

Who could be targeting the Federation? And why? Those were the questions that she and the Admiral had been tasked to answer. Her feelings towards Richter were neutral, she neither liked nor disliked him. She had respect for his rank, but she was uncertain about the man and who he was. All that she knew was that Drake had been very direct in that she was to ensure that nothing happened to the man. If that meant that she was to give her life for that objective, so be it. That meant that Drake thought him to be very important and Drake never gave unimportant orders. Her mind and spirit were at peace as she finished her tea. As she did so, the proximity alert sounded.


She quickly returned to the bridge and right there in front of her on the view screen was an Iconian Vonph carrier and then the comms signaled an incoming hail. “Well, I’ll be damned.” She activated the ship intercom and told him that the Iconians were here and were awaiting his response. She turned back to the view screen and couldn’t help but think that she was never going to live this down.

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