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re: April Meeting Minutes and May Events


May Fleet Activity Calendar


Kick Your Tribble: Join the lovable KDF rogues of the 7th Imperial Tactical Squadron as they make the entire Galaxy safe from the Tribble menace.  There might also be some indiscriminate looting and pillaging.  Monday nights - 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 May.


TOS Tuesdays: Gear up in your Fed side pre-24th century uniforms and ships and embark with Admiral Van Wormer on an Original Series flavored Galactic adventure.  Every other Tuesday night - 9 and 23 May.


Terran Tuesdays: Have you got what it takes to survive in the 2nd Terran Empire?  Find out every other Tuesday this month - 2, 16, and 30 May.


Red Alert!  The 7th Fleet and 7th ITS will both be in a Red Alert status from 2 - 9 May.  Enemy forces incoming!



Primary Fleet Operations for May


12 May - Operation Barbarossa - The 7th Fleet will deploy as many squadrons of 5 ships as possible in several system patrols.  We will have to work carefully with good teamwork for our squadrons to be able to clear out all these hostile forces, who are all Elite opponents.


26 May - Operation Magic Carpet - This will be a challenging naval simulation using ships from the past against the Iconians.  To do this you must prepare by getting access to the Tier 3 Ambassador Support Cruiser which is obtained as a reward from the solo player mission, "Temporal Ambassador."  Once you have that ship you must retain the armament that it comes with, but you can upgrade and replace other ship components.  We'll get together as many squadrons of these Ambassador class ships as we can and then go take on the Iconians in the Iconian War simulation mission, "Midnight."

Fleet Staff Meeting - 26 May.  This is the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend in the USA, so it's understandable if anyone wants to skip this one.  It sounds like we'll have enough people there to plan June's activities.


All Fleet and Armada members are always welcome to attend not only all of our Fleet events, but that Fleet Staff Meeting, too.  All events are scheduled for 2100 hours, US Eastern Time [currently UTC -05:00]

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