Good Conduct Medal

The Good Conduct Medal is awarded to any active-duty member of the 7th Fleet who completes two consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service".

Award Winners

jdi77 on Oct. 03rd  [x]
Blake Rainer on Oct. 03rd  [x]
VADM Kor on Mar. 28th  [x]
Ganos Lal on Jan. 30th  [x]
Capt pRett on Aug. 30th  [x]
Nova Spellwig on May. 31st  [x]
CDR Hunter on May. 31st  [x]
T Pau on Apr. 27th  [x]
Cleo Mavendorf on Apr. 27th  [x]
L. Wolf Fenrir on Feb. 27th  [x]
Captain-K.Tillis on Jan. 28th  [x]
VADM JT Kerry CoS on Jan. 28th  [x]
sparrow794 on Jan. 28th  [x]
Vital<FCF> on Jan. 28th  [x]
Thunor Stryker on Jan. 26th  [x]
Mac D. Ardell on Jan. 26th  [x]
Christian M. Hanson on Jan. 26th  [x]
Myles Keogh on Jan. 26th  [x]
.Belladonna on Nov. 06th  [x]
Deven Scott on Nov. 06th  [x]
Captain Talbot on Oct. 09th  [x]
Lang S on Oct. 09th  [x]
Anton Mercer on Oct. 09th  [x]
Steile on Sep. 10th  [x]
alf13of13 on Sep. 10th  [x]
mbrwn2003 on Sep. 10th  [x]
Admiral Van Wormer on Aug. 23rd  [x]
Solrac Yatug on Aug. 23rd  [x]
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